Workpackage 9 (Management)

Start: 1st month

End: 36th month

Duration: 36 months

The aim of WP9 is to guarantee effective management of EduSFE in line with the grant agreement and other relevant regulations.

The objectives are to:

1) ensure timely implementation of all WPs/tasks

2) establish an effective decision-making mechanism

3) undertake accurate project reporting (intermediate report and final report)

4) maintain project accounts, monitor use of project funds and distribute payments

5) ensure effective communication and proactive management of possible problems

The project is coordinated by TSU.

To ensure a sound management structure a “Management Committee” (MC) will be set up, which consists of the team leaders of the participating HEIs and is chaired by TSU. This MC will act as a core decision making body of EduSFE (e.g. approval of deliverables and annual work plans). Other project bodies report to the MC (e.g. QCP).

In the beginning of the project a partnership agreement will be signed, which defines roles and responsibilities of all consortium members. In addition a kick-off meeting will be organized to strengthen the common understanding of all partners in terms of responsibilities, tasks, procedures and envisaged communication flows.

Furthermore annual consortium meetings for coordination, planning, monitoring and quality control activities will be organized. While TSU is responsible for the overall management of the project, the individual WP leaders will undertake the daily management of their respective WPs in close consultation with TSU. The WP leaders report to TSU on a monthly basis about the progress.

In addition to consortium meetings on-going virtual communication (e-mail, skype) will ensure constant exchange of information. Regular reports from the WP leaders and a jointly compiled yearly project progress report will allow for an on-going monitoring of the project by the Coordinator TSU. The individual partners will provide information to TSU and the WP leaders as required and will supply all requested documents.