Workpackage 7 (Dissemination)

Start: 1st month

End: 36th month

Duration: 36 months

The aim of WP 7 is to inform key target groups and stakeholders about the project and its results.

The specific internal and external target groups of EduSFE can be summed up as follows: academics in the field of finance, students with an interest in finance, administrative staff, labour market representatives and policy makers in the field of higher education.

The main objectives of the WP can be summed up as follows:

1) to create a project web-site which provides details about the project and informs about activities and results on an on-going basis

2) to distribute a quarterly electronic newsletter which informs about news and results

3) to publish a project leaflet and brochure, which gives an overview about core components of the project

4) to publish a yearly project report on the project web-site

5) to organise regional dissemination workshops throughout Siberia and the Far East

6) to promote project results through press releases and media briefings

The WP will be coordinated and lead by BSU, which has longstanding experience in dissemination activities. The respective HEIs will undertake dissemination efforts at the regional level in close cooperation with BSU.

In particular, 10 regional workshops will be organised by the local HEIs throughout Siberia and the Far East of Russia (2 in Western Siberia, 4 in Eastern Siberia and 4 in the Far East of Russia). Their connections on federal and regional levels in Russia ensure an effective awareness raising campaign.

The EU HEIs in the consortium will promote the project and its results throughout the EU. All partners will provide input for the dissemination activities to BSU as required and closely communicate with BSU on an on-going basis.