Workpackage 6 (Quality assurance)

Start: 1st month

End: 36th month

Duration: 36 months

The aim of WP6 is to guarantee a high quality of the project outcomes and outputs.

The main objectives are as follows:

1) to implement internal quality control and monitoring through on-going evaluation and review of project activities

2) to organize external quality control and monitoring by experts outside of the consortium

3) to develop and implement a quality assurance mechanism, which will continue to operate after the project end Internal quality control and monitoring will be provided by setting up a Quality Control Panel (QCP).

The QCP will evaluate and scrutinize key project outcomes and outputs (e.g. modernized curricula, updated / newly developed courses and teaching materials). As a result, the QCP will provide constant feedback and recommendations for improvement before individual deliverables are finalized. Another important task of the

QCP is to set up quality assurance mechanisms for the modernized master programmes and new double degree programmes (tools for evaluation, student surveys, joint thesis supervision etc.), which shall stay in place after the project end. These tools shall enable a constant monitoring and improvement of the programmes.

The QCP will be formed of representatives of all consortium members. Regular face-to-face meetings (e.g. during coordination meetings) and continuous online communication (e-mail, skype) between QCP members are foreseen during the whole project lifetime.

The QCP is led by the WP leader and reports to the Management Committee (MC) of the project (see WP 9). Additionally, external quality control will be carried out by an advisory board consisting of five members from external HEIs and labour market representatives. This advisory board shall review key deliverables and give recommendations for possible improvements. A yearly assessment is planned every autumn and upon additional request. It will be chaired by the WP leader.