Workpackage 1 (Review of current study programmes)

Start: 1st month

End: 6th month

Duration: 6 months

This WP focuses on an in-depth analysis of the status quo and the need for reform of the master programmes in Finance at the participating Russian HEI. A first review has already been conducted during the preparation of this proposal. However, this WP will go more into detail  review of curricula, teaching methods and course contents. Requirements for double degrees with EU HEI will be depicted through a mapping of study programmes.  The expectations of employers will be evaluated in order to align the study programmes with the labour market demands and increase the employability of graduates.

The main objectives are as follows:

1) To undertake a review of the present master curricula in Finance at the Russian HEIs with regard to Bologna requirements and match EU HEI and PC curricula in the context of future Double Degrees.

2) To analyse course contents of PC master programmes in Finance in order to identify need for future reform (targeted to modernization and double degrees).

3) To identify the status quo in teaching methods used master programmes in Finance in order to insure targeted teacher trainings (WP 4).

4) To analyse regional labour market demands and expectations towards graduates which will be reflected in the modernized master programmes.

During this WP the consortium partners establish common understanding of status quo and need for reform in each study programme. This will be done through face-to-face meetings and virtual consultation (Skype) between Russian and EU HEIs. The Russian consortium members will also analyse regional labour market demands through interviews with regional employers (industry, banks, insurance companies, auditing companies, etc.). The results of the detailed reviews undertaken in this WP will be summarized in three synthesis reports which will provide  guidelines for the actions planned in WP 2, WP 3 and WP 4.