Workpackage 3 (Reform of existing course contents and design of new courses)

Start: 13th month

End: 32nd month

Duration: 20 months

WP 3 focuses on updating existing courses and designing new courses according to the requirements established in the previous working packages.

The objectives of this WP are as follows:

1) To update current course contents in accordance with the specifications developed within WP 1 and WP 2.

2) To develop new courses according to the above-mentioned specifications.

3) To reflect the labour market needs in the updated and newly developed courses.

4) To update and develop teaching materials including methodology and elements of e-learning for these courses.

5) To purchase books, periodicals, access to e-libraries and other teaching materials in English and Russian to provide teachers and students at Russian HEI with contemporary sources of learning.

A dataset of the courses to be adapted and newly developed will be available for the consortium members and provided by the WP-leader. EU partners will support the reform of these courses and provide their expertise.

The process of updating and developing courses and teaching materials will be divided in two stages depending on their sequence in the modernized master curricula:

1) The courses and teaching materials for the first year of the modernized curricula will be provided until the month 20 of the project (as the modernized master programmes in Finance will be implemented starting from month 22; see WP 5).

2) The second set of courses and teaching materials will be developed till month 32 (as the 2nd year of the modernized master programmes will be implemented starting from month 34; see WP 5).

As the consortium partners will share the developed teaching materials with each other, a broad pool of state-of-the-art teaching materials will be created (a minimum of 45 packages). The "Quality Control Panel" (WP 6) will review the  updated and newly developed course contents and provide feedback for improvement before the related deliverables are finalized.