Workpackage 8 (Exploitation and Sustainability)

Start: 14th month

End: 36th month

Duration: 23 months

This WP focuses on exploitation of results and sustainability of project activities in order to ensure a lasting impact after the formal end of the project.

The objectives are:

1) to set up a Sustainability and Exploitation Committee

2) to develop a project sustainability strategy

3) to receive confirmation and recommendation of the study programmes from the Russian Teaching and Methodical Association

4) to hold a final exploitation conference in Moscow

A Sustainability and Exploitation Committee (SEC) will be established with members from EU and Russian HEIs. The SEC will draft a sustainability strategy based on consultations with relevant stakeholders (HEI, industry, policy makers), which will be elaborated and approved jointly by all partners during a consortium meeting.

The SEC will also foster contact with the Russian Teaching and Methodical Association (TMA) of HEIs on Education in Finance, Accounting and International Economy. This Association has the official right to certify and recommend study programmes in these fields. The central aim is to receive an official confirmation and recommendation of the modernized master programmes and the new Double Degrees. The Russian HEIs already have close contacts with the TMA.

Additionally, an exploitation conference will be organized in Moscow in the last project year. This conference will transmit outputs and outcomes of the project and involve key target groups. Although the circumstances for sustainability are encouraging (see E.4), the SEC plans to investigate opportunities for future funding to support the continued implementation of the modernized programmes and the new double degrees (for example closer cooperation with the industry).

It is planned that the reformed master programmes and new double degrees will be further implemented after the project end. A strong request from students and the previous experience of HEIs in this field create a favourable environment.