Workpackage 4 (Teacher trainings)

Start: 13th month

End: 34th month

Duration: 22 months

The aim of this WP is capacity building among teachers in Finance at Russian HEI of the consortium. The ability of these teachers to implement the modernized curricula defined in WP 2 and to teach the updated courses from WP 3 to national and international students shall be assured.

The core components of the trainings are:

1) Current topics of Finance as predefined in the previous WPs (e.g. financial risk management, consequences of the recent financial crisis such as Basel III).

2) Didactics and soft skills (e.g. new didactic concepts, technology in teaching such as E-learning and blended learning, teaching in international classes with focus on EU – Russia, classroom English)

3) Lecture visits at EU HEI to provide an insight into current teaching practices at EU HEI (e.g. visits in relevant on-going courses at EU HEI, exchange of experience with the respective local teachers) The teacher trainings will be jointly organized in Vienna and Maribor (at UM) due to complementary expertise of these institutions. Lecturers from other EU HEI in the consortium will support these trainings.

Three sets of trainings are foreseen:

1) First set of trainings (Finance related topics, didactics, lecture visits) in Vienna (2 weeks)

2) Second set of trainings (Finance related topics, didactics, lecture visits) in Maribor (2 weeks)

3) Third set of trainings (reflection and deepening of subject related skills and methods of teaching) in Russia (1 week).

The first two trainings will take place before the start of the modernized study programmes (WP 5) to allow for sufficient preparation of the involved teachers; the third training will be held one year after the modernized study programmes have been launched to provide room for reflection and deepening of the covered areas as required by the participants.